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Aleesia (lashesbymez)

your the most welcoming and friendliest trainer, completely encouraging and making me feel so much more at ease which was so important in increasing my confidence, as I was so so nervous! I think even referring back to your own experience really helped. So much reassurance that we’ve all started from scratch and to not be so scared of failing and having mistakes as we grow, I found it so encouraging to keep moving forward in my lash path! I loved that there were tips in the social media aspect as it’s so hard with engagement on Instagram, and continue to always keep these in mind when I upload, create content or engage with my followers and potential clients.. I think that because of these things, I am so much more forth coming in asking for advice, mastering my skills and continuing! It’s such a hard period of time to run the lash path when I’m so new and it’s a real struggle for everyone at the moment but I’m so glad I did! I enjoy the results so much


Nicki (Glitter & Glam)

Loved my lash training courses! My favourite part was the end result the finished set of lashes! Felicity is lovely she was so professional and helpful she gave me so much information to go away with. The training gave me the confidence to go away an practice practice practice. . My clients love that I can now offer volume lashes aswell as classics. Happy clients means happy me  thank you so much for all your help felicity the training you gave me really helped!


Mollie (mvlash_)

Hi babe, the training I received from you and poppy could not be faulted, you both made the environment friendly and comfortable for the group to learn in and personally I felt I could ask any questions i had without being judged or felt like they were silly questions which to me was so important! The starter kits too were amazing included everything I needed and I still have some bits left over & it’s been a year since my course Thankyou both for giving me the confidence to start lashing Also I’ve had so many girls especially recently ask me where I trained, I’ve sent them straight to you babe honestly the best training I could of asked for

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I did a 1-1 with the lash queen. 

It was the best thing I did. I needed to work on my fans. And Liss gave me the confidence within that one session. Liss talked through everything in detail with me. She didn’t just focus on the fans, she talked through some other key points too. Liss has a good aura and you can tell she is very passionate about her work, along with wanting her students to succeed. Thank you, Liss! You know I’m coming back for more. 

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I completed the classic lash course and had such a good day! Learnt so much!

For someone who has never done lashes before, Felicity’s broke everything down and provided 1-1 demonstrations for each individual taking place on the course for the areas we struggled with. The course itself had given me the confidence to to keep going with lashes as we learnt that we are not going to be perfect over night.... practice practice practice 

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The reason that I loved The Lash Chat masterclass was because it was like no other i’ve ever attended before.The class was tailor made to suit the individuals attending it and concentrated specifically on what you wanted to know help As a trainer Felicity went above and beyond and was happy to continue supporting me after as well. I suffer with confidence issues that hold me back and since attending this masterclass I have been given the support and push I needed to finally start writing up manuals and begin to put into place plans to run my own masterclasses and 1:1 mentoring as well as a complete rebrand. I should have

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